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  • IT Risk Management
  • Consultancy
  • Networking infrastructure planning and implementation
  • Print management
  • Information Security analysis and implementation
  • IT service level agreements
  • Managed document solutions
  • Enterprise server deployment and management
  • Datacentre design and implementation
  • Backup Solutions
  • Desktop support
  • Financial System Design and implementation
  • Web design
  • Payroll Solutions

IT Risk Management

Redundancy through failovers
Capacity planning.
User behaviour and the risks associated with this behaviour.
Estimated date of failure planning through statistical analysis.
Back Up Infrastructure.


Networking infrastructure planning and implementation.

Planning, Implementing, Maintaining Wireless Networking infrastructure over WAN, LAN & GA


Server infrastructure planning and implementation.

We partner with Lenovo to install state of the art server infrastructure to maintain a secure and well-structured server environment.

Concept image of a HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials) team closely inspecting a hard drive for viruses, spyware and trojans. Taken with a Canon 5D.

IT Service level agreements

Our IT SLA agreements cover a wide range of products making it a one stop SLA agreement covering networking infrastructure straight through to enterprise telecommunications.


Information Security Analysis

  • Firewalls
  • Antivirus Software
  • Disaster Recovery

Print Management

We partner with HP and their wide range of office automation products, to ensure a low-cost effective way of printing through our managed print services methodology.

Serious businessman with red umbrella under huge wave of documents

Managed document services

We partner with some of the biggest names in document management and through our process driven workflow analysis we can pin point burning issues and risk areas that needs to be covered by our document management systems


Enterprise Telecoms Solutions

We partner with Samsung on their world class telecoms solutions our systems can cover up to 2 400 extensions over a wide area through one central managed point making risk management on you telecommunication infrastructure a breeze.


Website development & Hosting

We partner with Afrihost to cover all your hosting needs from cloud mail solutions through to cloud based server storage.


Educational Based Solutions

Computer Laboratories
Projectors and Document Cameras
Educational Software
Electronic White Boards
School Intercoms

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