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Indlela Finance is our Financial Muscle and with Indlela Finance we will make sure that your dreams will become reality by financing your dream to make sure tomorrow becomes today

Indlela Finance (Financing the way forward).


  • Financing
  • Rentals

Indlela Finance is a One Stop Financial Solution we are NCR Approved meaning that we can give loans for up to R20 000 000.00 and these amount are linked to great interest rates.

Indlela Finance also gives the option to rent equipment from 36 months up until 60 months with optional ownership after the term.

We at Indlela Finance are there to make your dreams a reality and to give a cost effective solution to you, the Customer.

All of the rentals can be used as a TAX deduction, giving you, the client, more reasons to go with Indlela Finance.

Indlela Finance, Financing the way Forward.

T&C Apply All Loans and Rentals Are Subject to approval.

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